Newest Podcast Development from Spotify

Spotify has been establishing new developments in the podcast industry for the better part of the last year, and they’ve just rolled out the latest. The digital streaming platform announced they will now support a video format for select podcasts. In another attempt to keep podcast fans on the Spotify platform, this helps them not only hear their favorite podcasts but see them without having to go to Youtube or another video streaming service.

This move continues Spotify’s wave of investment in podcast development.

They see podcasts as the future of media and are doing everything they can to center their platform as a podcast hub. This video feature announcement comes right on the heels of the release of The Michelle Obama Podcast, a show that is exclusively playable only on Spotify.

Podcasts were first added to the Spotify platform in 2015.  In just 5 years, they have shown a sweeping commitment to growing podcasts and centering Spotify as a podcast leader.

Many podcasters have recently been opting to post videos of their recordings in addition to having the audio listed in several directories. This adds another layer to the level of engagement podcasts can bring, and continues to make podcasting the fastest growing medium today.

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