Podcast Marketing Tips

Podcast Doug Says

“Don’t wait for things to happen…Follow these simple steps to get the most out of your podcast.”

Social Media

  • Consistently post episodes as they are released (at least one per month) with enticing descriptions and appropriate links to access the podcast.
  • Consistently repost older episodes (at least TWICE per month) with appropriate links to access the podcast.
  • Use general to specific hashtags to increase visibility i.e. #jobseekers #interviewing #Workforce180 #180Podcast
  • Search for relevant forums and groups where your topics are popular to join and actively participate in.

HELPFUL TIP: Follow, interact with, and share posts from others. Support them and they will support you.


  • Embed (we give you the code) an easy to locate player into your website, so all episodes can be easily streamed and/or downloaded.
  • Include links to subscribe to your show on both Apple and Google podcasts.
  • Provide a clear list of all the ways listeners can stream the podcast because each listener may have a preferred way.

HELPFUL TIP: Make your podcast prominent on your home page. Don’t make it so hard to find!


  • Every relevant employer your organization engages with should know about and be educated on, how to access the podcast.

HELPFUL TIP: Provide them with wording they can share from their platforms to promote your podcast (don’t just ask them to do it)


  • Make sure every employee at your organization has subscribed to the show via their smartphone so they can stay informed.
  • Encourage employees to share the podcast posts from company pages on their personal pages since they usually have big networks.
  • Every employee should be educated on the podcast and how it aids and enhances your business objectives.

HELPFUL TIP: Ask employees to leave positive reviews for the podcast on the various directories in which it is listed.

Breaking Down a Podcast

A podcast is a Personal Opportunity to use Digital Communication to tell your Audience Stories that will earn your Trust.
  • Personal: Podcasts have revolutionized our ability to personalize our consumption.
  • Opportunity: A podcast gives you the opportunity to learn, connect, share, grow, and network.
  • Digital: The digital nature of podcasting makes it the quickest, most immediate, and most flexible option.
  • Communication: A podcast perpetuates communication with an audience of interested and curious people.
  • Audience: Access to podcasts is so easy which makes your ability to grow your audience far bigger.
  • Stories: Stories bring us closer to our communities and illuminate our ideas in ways that are relatable.
  • Trust: Podcasts connect leaders and communities through personal information sharing, building trust.

HELPFUL TIP: There is no other medium today, that makes sharing ideas with people that need to hear them as convenient and as thorough.

Repurposing Content

  • Turn your podcast content into videos, flyers, graphics, blogs or social posts so it gets as much exposure as possible.
  • Post behind the scenes, sneak peek photos and videos that your viewers and listeners will enjoy.
  • Audiograms: post short clips of your podcast audio as a teaser to the full episode, to stimulate interest.

HELPFUL TIP: Pull quotes from episodes to promote your content, as this will give your audience a preview of what they can expect.

Job Seekers

  • Make sure every job seeker is told about the podcast and instructed on the ways they can listen to it. They will like that it’s free!
  • No matter what they come in for or contact your organization about, they should be introduced to the podcast.

HELPFUL TIP: Anytime you share information with jobseekers, mention the FREE podcast. Direct them to a specific episode they would enjoy!

Podcast Guests

  • Provide your guests with standard wording they can easily share on their platforms to promote the episode they appear on.

HELPFUL TIP: Make sure they have subscribed to your podcast so they can instruct their community, employers, friends, etc to do so as well.

Episode Content

  • Your episode content should take an aspect of your business and dive way deeper into it. Example: Promote youth programming by bringing on a young person who has gone through your program to discuss their experience, thoughts, and successes.
  • Having recorded conversation allows you to connect more deeply and discuss more thoroughly without a limit on word count. Move past marketing, into exploring.
  • Bring guests on your show to tell success stories! This is what listeners care about, and are inspired by.
  • Build a relationship with your listeners through open and candid conversations. Podcasting builds relationships in ways that brochures simply can not.
  • When building your podcast content, always keep in mind exactly WHO and WHAT your podcast is for.

HELPFUL TIP: Make sure your podcasts are conversational and not overly scripted. It’s better for the audience to think they’re listening in on a conversation rather than something pre-written and rehearsed.

Calls to Action

A Call to Action is an instruction to the audience designed to provoke an immediate response
  • Use call to actions within the podcast audio itself, the show notes, and the subsequent promotion channels, to increase audience engagement.
  • Examples include call us, follow us, join us at, sign up for, etc.

HELPFUL TIP: The best measure of success is not the number of people who hear what you are saying, but the ways your message affects them, inspires them, enables them, and springs them to action.