It’s time for a WorkforcePods Episode Spotlight!

We are proud to partner with workforce organizations around the world to produce podcasts for their organizations. From insights to inspiration, these podcasts are providing immense value to their community of listeners. To help spread the word, we are sharing “must-listen” episodes that we recommend tuning into!

  1. The Dignity of Work – Episode 65: Optimizing Your Brain for Success- Part One

Dr. Kristin Allott, naturopathic physician, speaker, author, and Career Path Services board member, is joined by Cami Eakins, CEO of Career Path Services, as they discuss the connection between food and optimizing your brain for success. Learn the connection between sleep and brain function, and why it is so crucial to eat properly before attending a job fair or interview.

2. Workforce Waves – Episode 34: Resources for Employers

In this episode, you’ll hear about some of the available resources for businesses and employers in the region, including assistance with onboarding or upskilling workers. You’ll hear about the incumbent worker training program, on-the-job training (OJT), and more.


3. Talent Talks With Rich Maher – Episode 24: Unmudl: A Course-to-Jobs Marketplace

In this episode, Rick Maher is joined by Julian Alssid, Chief Marketplace Engagement Officer at Social Tech. Julian reveals the details behind Unmudl, a “course to jobs” marketplace that allows every learner, employee, or business in all communities to walk-in or connect online with any community college in the nation at any time with just a couple of clicks or a quick trip. Discover how community colleges can join Unmudl and the benefits and the results to date.


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