Happy Women’s History Month!

To celebrate, we are featuring a few of our favorite WorkforcePods episodes hosted by Women! Here are some great episodes we recommend tuning into. Just press the “play” button.

1. WORKFORCE IN ACTION – Episode 22: How Leaders Can Create an Inclusive and Supportive Work Environment

In this episode, host Nicole Ganier, Vice President of Operations for Equus Workforce Solutions, is joined by Bernie Derible, Vice President of ResCare Workforce Services Canada, to discuss the role that leadership plays in creating an inclusive and supportive company culture. Bernie shares his own journey of becoming a leader and reveals how organizations can ensure that leaders are equipped to provide the support, guidance and coaching necessary to maximize the individual growth and development of their employees. Discover how companies can help prevent burnout and create collaborative work environments.

2. PHILADELPHIA WORKS – EPISODE 22: Apprenticeships Still Work

Maria del Mar Cabiya, the new Director of Apprenticeship Strategies, discusses who she is, how Apprenticeship PHL is addressing apprenticeships during COVID-19, and the effects of the skills gap and upskilling on workforce. Learn why apprenticeships work and how they are adapting and expanding in and around Philadelphia even as the city navigates unemployment concerns during a pandemic. Maria shares information on the “earn while you learn” apprenticeship model and strategic approaches to economy recovery using upskilling to close the skills gap, especially as social justice movements remind people of the importance of equity in the diverse City of Philadelphia and beyond.

3. HER VOICE – EPISODE 11: A Look Back at 2020 and Look Forward to 2021

In this episode, you’ll hear from Dr. Grace about some of the impactful events from 2020, and her reflections on some of the guests from the previous year. Dr. Grace also shares her thoughts about her vision for 2021 and shares words of inspiration for listeners!

4. TALENT MAGNET – EPISODE 28: L&I 2021 COVID-19 WA Business Requirements: Don’t Let Your Guard Down

Erica Minton, L&I Industrial Hygiene Consultant, joins the program to discuss some of the key takeaways that all Washington State businesses should know in relation to COVID-19 requirements. Discover resources to find out the most current information and updates on COVID-19 related requirements, and the biggest challenges that businesses are facing when it comes to COVID-19 compliance.

5. HUMAN POTENTIAL AT WORK – EPISODE 253: Building the Future and Supporting Human Potential

Maya Zuckerman, speaker, writer and Chief Operating Officer at LUMAN, joins the program to discuss the work that LUMAN does to help unleash the human potential to create. Discover the work that LUMAN does to help create future-ready cultures, as well as creating leaders capable of thriving in times of transformation. Maya also shares her thoughts about the impact that new mobility technologies will have on persons with disabilities.


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