Amazon is the latest in big companies to join the fight for podcast domination. With their recent acquisition of popular podcast production company Wondery, they are claiming their space in the podcast industry.

Amazon has been expanding their footprint for years, moving from an online bookstore to an everything store, to a media conglomerate too. With Prime Video and Amazon Music, it is no surprise that podcasts would be their next venture. However, they have made a very clear and distinctive move by purchasing Wondery. Rather than try to compete in the creation of excellent audio, they are boosting an already critically-acclaimed podcast studio. A move that prevents future competition with Wondery, while putting Amazon in the midst of the top four podcast players.

The partnership between Amazon and Wondery is projected to be a gamechanger in the podcast space. With Wondery’s innovation and creativity, and Amazon’s marketing prowess, we are sure to see some big developments in podcasting.