Optimize Episode Titles and Descriptions with Keywords

When it comes to making your podcast findable, keywords are your best friend.  It is important to make your episode titles and descriptions SEO friendly by carefully placing keywords. The key to keywords is to get inside the mind of your listeners. Which words are they most likely to type into a search bar when they are looking for the kind of content you cover? Use these words within your episode titles and descriptions to up the chances of your show populating in your potential listener’s search results.

For instance, for a podcast about work, workforce, and the workplace, the keyword “work” will be super important to include. Let’s say you are trying to come up with a title for an episode in which you discuss the importance of work-life balance. Well, putting work, life, and balance into the episode title will be super helpful if people are searching for this topic. But what else might they search for when they are wanting to learn about work-life balance? Perhaps they will type in “career demands” or “stress management.” Depending on what your episode focuses on, these would also be great descriptors for this specific episode. Therefore, these keywords should also be worked into either the episode title or the description for the episode.

Finding the right combination of words to describe your content takes a bit of thought. For your SEO to be most effective, the keywords you choose need to be reflective of what your listeners will look for, not necessarily what you might search for. While the content may be obvious to you, stepping into the mind of your listener will help you better discern if you’re describing your podcast in a clear and concise way. Remember, your listeners weren’t there for the recording like you may have been. They don’t know what you are trying to say with your episode! The only way you can make sure the right people find your podcast through search is by making it SEO friendly with keyword-rich episode titles and descriptions.