The next time you open up your Apple Podcasts app you may see something different.

Apple is making a very specific change when it comes to podcast language. They are changing the “Subscribe” button to a “Follow” button instead.

This change will roll out on all of the new Apple operating systems and represents a clear motion for Apple to be able to show that podcasts are free. The term “subscribe” is historically associated with a paid service, and Apple does not want this confusion to be a barrier to listenership.

Using the word “follow” not only eliminates the question of payment but it fits into the social media landscape more seamlessly. On most social platforms today, you “follow” your connections to see their latest content and activity. Keeping the language the same for podcasts may help align the podcast fan base with this sort of social interaction.

As far as functionality is concerned, nothing is changing. Pressing that purple button still allows your listeners to receive notifications when new episodes drop, just like it did before. However, instead of being a subscriber, your listener will be referred to as a follower.

So, don’t forget to keep encouraging your listeners to press that button! It will help keep them coming back for more of your great episodes as you consistently release them!