Podcasting for Brand Awareness

Brand Awareness: the extent to which consumers are familiar with the distinctive qualities or image of a particular brand of goods or services.

These days consumer familiarity and thus, brand awareness has astronomical potential because of the popularity and accessibility of social media marketing. It is possible to display the distinctive qualities or images of your goods and services much more frequently, and to many more eyes.

So where does podcasting come in?

Podcasting is an excellent tool for creating brand awareness WHEN it is done right. This type of marketing is not advertising. The importance of creating a podcast for your brand is that it helps to build authority. It gives you a platform to simply talk about your business which you are already an expert on. When you organize these opportunities to talk about your business in ways that are easily digestible and entertaining for your audience, you foster a relationship with them that is built on knowledge. Your podcast listeners will start to identify the reliability of your brand, which may later translate into sales.

Your podcast is all about you. It lets you show your brand’s personality, letting you connect with your consumers beyond being the peddler of goods and services. The image of your brand will deepen and become much more intimate when you lend your voice to it. As humans, we inherently connect with other humans much more deeply than with images or ideas. Podcasting connects a living, breathing human, that now represents your brand, to the ears of your consumers.

Building trust in your consumers is a big factor in the success of your sales. Simply put, buyers are more likely to choose the brand they connect with over the one that is just trying to sell to them. Podcasts provide a platform that is based on information sharing, not selling. It allows you to highlight all of the amazing aspects of your brand in a candid and entertaining way. Listeners will start to associate your brand with the information sharing aspect of podcasting. When they think of your brand they will think reliable, informative, and helpful and you will stand out as such in the larger picture of your industry.

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