Audio storytelling

“Audio is one of the most intimate forms of media because you are constantly building your own images of the story in your mind and you’re creating your own production.” -Emma Rodero, Communications Professor.

Whether you are listening to a dialogue based drama, or a series of interview questions and answers, being clued in solely to the audio component allows you, as the listener, to have a more intimate experience.

Audiobooks are so successful because they drop the listener right into the story. Audio radio has that same effect.

This is precisely why people love listening to podcasts. Podcasts provide short and concise sections of a story to be delivered to your ear in a way that is portable, individual, and accessible.

So how does this translate to your business narrative?

The same fundamental principles of audio storytelling apply to the story of your brand. Short sections of a narrative dictated through conversation rather than narration, delivered to your audience to educate, entertain and emotionally connect.

Podcasts give you the ability to deliver that story more intimately and more directly. Imagine being able to captivate and entertain your customers by giving them audio insights once a month or once a week. This exposure can only generate further interest in your brand, showcase the work you’re doing, and highlight your unique individuality.

The psychology behind why audio captivates is the most considerable factor in the success of podcasting. It is simply a fact that humans connect emotionally, and intellectually from audio stimulation. Podcasting gives you an easy, affordable, and fun way to capitalize on that fact. Connect with your listeners, followers, customers, students, and colleagues more deeply by starting a podcast.

For more on the psychology of audio storytelling, read the full article from Tiffanie Wen at The Atlantic.

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