Podcasting and Marketing

In the past year, podcasting and marketing have become a valuable duo. Podcasting has caught the eyes and ears of the marketing industry in a new way.  The opportunities that podcasts present for brands are exciting, innovative, and ever growing. Marketing pros are increasingly recognizing the unique ability of a podcast to personalize and grow a brand.

Robin Kurzer investigates this trend in her article for MarTech Today entitled; “Listen up: The State of Podcasting in Marketing.” She discusses how with money leaving TV and Radio, and the incredible enhancement in smartphone culture, the grounds for podcast domination are being laid, and they’re sticking. Podcast listeners are a “captive audience.” The majority of episodes that are downloaded are actually listened to, not just put aside for later. This audience is made up of mostly educated, eager and curious individuals who are looking for knowledgeable sources to learn from. Harnessing this audience of listeners if the perfect way for a company to establish leadership, and trust in their industry.

From a marketing standpoint, there are dozens of effective and innovative ways that podcast can grow a brand. For one, there is great monetization potential. Since podcasts have the innate ability to grow brand leadership and trust, they are optimal platforms for advertisement.  Other companies to want to advertise to the growing audiences that popular podcast channels attract.  On that same note, these captive podcast listeners are actively seeking the audio, and thus, are likely to be willing to pay to bypass those ads for uninterrupted, ad-free subscriptions. Secondly, podcasts become a hub for already curated content. These recordings can be turned into books, blogs, or videos just by reforming the original source material. Lastly, podcasts provide a perfect platform for targeted branding. What other platform gives you over 20 whole minutes just to discuss your product, AND connects with you an audience that WANTS to listen to it?

Kurzer describes this as the “Golden Age” for podcasting. Learn more about why podcasting is a key marketing strategy by reading the full article via the button below.

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