There are many ways to enhance your podcast through the repurposing of your content. One way is within the episode show notes themselves.  Episode show notes populate in each of the podcast directories, and can also be placed on your website. They provide listeners with more details on what they can expect to hear and enhance the search-ability of your show.


Each time someone clicks on a specific episode they will be able to see the show notes provided. This should always include a brief description of the episode, but can also go much further. A great way to utilize this space is to create a bulleted list of topics with the timestamps at which they occur in the episode. Use keywords that describe what you talk about in those sections. Get listeners interested and enrich your metadata at the same time!


Use hyperlinks! The episode is enhanced even further the more you link to resources that provide value to your listeners. Did you discuss a book within the audio? Maybe a key person for your listeners to follow? Link to their websites! There is so much value that can support the conversation you are having and including it within your show notes will further establish you as a trusted resource. Keep your listeners coming back to you!


Doing this type of work with your show notes not only benefits your listeners but you as well. It becomes much easier for you to create social posts, email blasts, or other marketing materials once you have timestamped those key sections of your episode. Go to one of those timestamps and make an audiogram!

Plus, if you’ve included hyperlinks, you’ve also created a perfect list of people to share the episode with because they or their work was mentioned! No better way to get them to share your episode than by thanking them for inspiring your content.


Episode show notes are a key way to enhance your podcast. If you are looking for more pointers, contact [email protected]