How to pick a title for your podcast

When it comes to the title of your podcast, choosing a name is tremendously important. It is just as important as any search engine optimization for a blog post or website. Listeners need to be able to find your content online and be intrigued enough to actually click on it. The title of your podcast will be what determines if listeners take a chance on it or not.

There are three different options when it comes to podcast titles; a branded name, creative name, or descriptive name. Depending on your business size, existing following, and style, you may be swayed in a particular direction. No matter which you choose, the important thing to remember is that your title has to peak the interest of a potential listener, so they will choose your show amidst thousands of other titles.

Branded Name

The branded name is best suited for an already established business or professional. If you have a substantial following, the easiest way to connect your podcast to your brand is by using the title that already identifies you. For example, “The Costco Podcast,” “CVS Radio,” or “Mario Lopez Unplugged.” Each of these titles keeps the prominent, recognizable brand name at the helm so that listeners will know exactly whose voice it comes from.

Creative Name

The creative name is a more abstract and intriguing title. It makes the audience to want to know more. This option is good for a business that wants their podcast to show their brand in an unexpected or untraditional light. For instance, “The Costco Club,” “CVS Secrets” or “Mario Lopez Undercover.” Each of these names is intriguing but ambiguous. It tells the listener who the voice is, but doesn’t exactly describe what they should expect to hear. The most successful creative names are then supplemented by strong artwork to paint a clearer picture of the show’s subject matter.  A creative name might not tell you exactly what to expect to hear, but it will certainly peak your interest enough to want to know more.

Descriptive Name

The descriptive name is perhaps the most effective option for growing a following. It is a literal technique that tells the audience exactly what they should expect to hear. This makes your podcast the easiest to find in an online search. It creates optimum visibility for directing interested listeners to your show. Examples here would be “Insider Tips on the Best Products at Costco,” “What and When to Purchase from CVS,” or “Celebrity Gossip from Mario Lopez.”


A combination of brand, creativity, and description is the optimal plan for choosing a podcast title. However, when it comes down to it, the most important thing is to make sure your most captive audience is able to find your show. Remember, a long title with too many words may lose the listener’s interest before they’ve even finished reading it. Short, sweet, and to the point is the best advice. Head to iTunes or Stitcher to get inspired by already existing podcast names. Notice the trends, see what works and what doesn’t, and always let your personality shine through!