If you have a business, an idea, a product, or a narrative, podcasting should be your next move!

Podcasting is currently all the rage and that popularity is growing every single day. According to an Edison Research study, approximately 50 million people listen to podcasts weekly, and they listen to an average of five shows per week. The audience is there, waiting for the next best thing. “Whatever your business, passion, brand, interest, or specialty, there is likely a podcast audience ready for it.” —Steven Strauss USA Today

Now, you shouldn’t start a podcast solely because we are telling you there is someone out there who will listen to it. You must keep in mind the kind of potential this platform provides for your business. There are three main reasons for this potential, and they are brand building, networking, and cost efficiency.

  1. Brand Building: Hosting a podcast gives you the opportunity to show your brand to a new audience. Switching up your marketing technique is one of the best ways to grow your audience! While you’re creating brand exposure you have the potential to display expertise in your field. If your audience likes what they hear, and are “buying what you’re selling” so to speak, they will begin to identify your voice as a trustworthy entity in your industry. More trust means more fans, which means more sales! **Check out our full post on Podcasting for Brand Awareness HERE
  2. Networking: Hosting a podcast gives you an excellent platform for interacting with other people in your industry. It is the perfect excuse for reaching out to a potential collaborator or colleague to start a working relationship! “That same Edison Research survey above states that podcast listeners listen to a whole show 85% of the time. Talk about a networking opportunity. When else do you get someone’s uninterrupted attention, even 85% of the time online?”
  3. Cost Efficiency: Podcasting can either be outsourced or done yourself, Either way, it is completely easy and affordable, in the scheme of your overall business growth. When you use a podcast production company like Blast My Podcast, we do the entire process for you. All you have to do is talk about your business for a few hours a month, which, let’s be real, you already do all the time anyway! All it takes is a recording device, editing software, and a marketing strategy, to get your podcast off its feet and into the ears of your ever-growing audience!

Make this business year your best one yet by starting your very own podcast. Watch your brand awareness soar, and have fun while you do it!

Check out the full article by Steven Strauss from USA Today via the button below.

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