You read that right. Podcasting is the only marketing you need because it will feed every version of promotion you want to push.

Today, digital marketing is the cost of doing business. Without it, you are simply not going to get the level of exposure you need to compete with other brands, voices, and organizations. Podcasting is the perfect vehicle for spreading brand awareness, and marketing to your audience in the most successful places. Why spend all that money on brochures and flyers that will sit in the closet? The ROI on podcasting is almost immeasurable. Having a library of content that is easy to access, stream, save, and repurpose, is invaluable in today’s digital world.

How to repurpose podcast content.

The best part about podcasting is that once you have recorded an audio file, you can use it to inspire the creation of all different types of subsequent media and promotion. For instance, not only can you share that audio file, but you can use the audio in a video, you can use the podcast imagery and logo in a flyer or graphic, you can link to the podcast in several directories, or you can write up a transcript of the audio for a blog post! The opportunities to recycle, refurbish, and repurpose what you’ve covered “on air” are virtually endless. Any way that you communicate with your community, can be tweaked to INCLUDE your podcast library, content, imagery, episodes, or links.

“What If I don’t use social media?”

It’s 2019, what are you waiting for?

No, but seriously, if your social media presence is still growing, and you are still learning how to navigate those platforms, podcasting is the perfect tool to help you learn the ropes. By packaging your content into shareable social media posts, you will quickly get the hang of the social media do’s and don’ts. Also, since podcasting is so easy to share across social platforms, we can promise that the quick feedback, success, and visibility it will afford your brand, will have you hooked in no time.

“I think my contacts prefer emails.”

Great! Sharing your podcast via email is just as important and successful! All you have to do is include your podcast logo and links for accessing the podcast online right in the body of your email. You can direct your community to listen to your latest episode on your website, on iTunes/Google Play or another directory, or provide a direct download link.

Don’t forget to add your podcast to your email signature! A great way to constantly drive listeners to your show is to sign every email with a little reminder!

“But everyone is still using flyers and brochures!”

Yes, and they’ve probably collected more dust in the back of the staffroom closet than your high school yearbook!

We know this habit is a hard one to break. We’ve all been printing flyers and brochures for as long as we can remember. The good news is, you can still add your podcast to them! Simply place your logo, and instructions on how to find your show on any of your printed marketing materials!

Insider tip: to avoid extra costs for reprinting, just print up stickers with your podcast on it to place them on the already printed brochures, etc!


Anywhere that you are communicating with your community is a valid and opportune place to promote your podcast.  The key is to make your show synonymous with your brand, in the exact same way that your website is! With the versatility of podcasting, you will never run out of reasons, occasions, or ways to share information with your community. Now that sounds like marketing 101 to us!