Podcast Zone for NAWB Forum 2019

See & Hear Highlights from Our Appearance at NAWB Forum 2019 in Washington, DC.

Hear From The Workforce Leaders Who Attended

It was a fantastic time for everyone involved!

Meet Jarlath O' Carroll, CEO, Jobspeaker

Meet Tamara Moore, One Stop Operator, Pikes Peak Workforce Center

Meet Spencer Murray, Board Member, NAWB

NAWB Forum 2019

Meet Ryan Davis, CEO, Corporation for a Skilled Workforce

NAWB Forum 2019

Meet Rebecca Evans, Executive Director, WDB of Ventura County

Meet John Mierzwa, CEO, Ingenuity Software Labs

NAWB Forum 2019

Meet Tammy Childers, Executive Director, Eastern Carolina, WDB, Inc

NAWB Forum 2019

Meet Ed DeJesus, President, DeJesus Solutions

Meet Claretta Allen, Board Member, Workforce Solutions East Texas

Meet Seko Varner, One Stop Operator, Tidewater Community College

NAWB Forum 2019

Meet Mark Vitale and Danielle Duarte, Board Members, Pima County WIB

Meet Debby Hopkins, Chief Workforce Officer, Shenandoah Valley WDB

NAWB Forum 2019

Meet Dr. Grace Williams, Director of Planning and Economic Development, City of Perris

Meet Christine Laster, Human Resources Manager, Siemens, and Cindy Sutherland, VP of Career Development at New Horizons Career Development Solutions

NAWB Forum 2019