Spotify makes podcast listening even better with the ability to save your favorite episodes.

In their newest installment of podcast investments, Spotify is upping their podcast user experience game. They have introduced a new feature on the “episodes” tab to allow users to curate their own playlist of podcasts. This is another attempt for the massive media company to incentivize listeners to choose Spotify for all of their podcasting needs.

The episode favorite feature makes an update to the previous function which only collected episodes from shows the user was subscribed to. Now, whether you are subscribed to a show or not, you have the ability to save individual episodes to your own private list for later listening. Other podcast apps have already adopted this feature, so it comes as no surprise that Spotify has rolled out their version to compete.

What this means:

As with all their other features and investments in podcasts, Spotify has made it clear that they believe podcasts are the future, and that they want a part in shaping that future. With the acquisition of companies, shows, and talent to create original content, plus their focus on the user experience for podcasts within their app, Spotify has positioned itself as a top player in the podcast game.

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