Promote Your Podcast With Calls To Action

When it comes to marketing your podcast, it is all about inspiring your listeners to press play. We call these Calls to Action, and think the best way to use them is to be creative! Let’s face it, most people aren’t just going to find your podcast without help. There are over a million podcasts out there! Also, they aren’t likely to be phased by you simply saying “hey, we have a podcast.” What they need is for you to share the compelling reasons why they should tune in, at a consistent rate so it stays top of mind. Which of their problems will you solve? How will you do it? The value of listening to your podcast is your most important tool. Make it easy for them, make it fun, and make it inviting!

The following is a list of ways to get creative with your calls to action when marketing your podcast:
  • Show how your podcast addresses your listener’s pain points
  • Draw parallels from your podcast topic to a current event.
  • Discuss a problem your podcast directly seeks to solve
  • Provide teasers of your content
  • Explicitly ask your listeners for feedback.
  • Directly ask listeners to share the podcast with three people who would benefit from hearing it.
  • Describe WHY they should listen, not just HOW
  • Ask your listeners what THEY what to learn about
  • Highlight the educational benefits of your content.
  • Vary your marketing copy, keep it fresh, try new things!

Above all, we encourage you to get creative with your podcast marketing. It is all about trying new things and learning what your audience responds to best. Do you have Calls To Action that work best for you? Write in and let us know!

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