Be Proactive, So You Don’t Have To Be Reactive

By June 2, 2020Articles

Proactive Vs. Reactive. What’s the difference and how can we put it in action?

A proactive approach focuses on eliminating problems before they appear. A reactive approach is a necessary response to an event or challenge after it has already occurred.


In business, and in life, we can be proactive by forward-thinking, planning, and innovating. Simply put, the more we innovate, the more possibilities we will be prepared for.

The current pandemic has made the value of proactivity ever more clear. For us at WorkforcePods, we innovated by starting podcasting. A digital platform that is produced, edited, and distributed entirely remotely, was the perfect advantage to handling work from home, social distancing, and the other challenges of late. Rather than having to react in a moment of uncertainty, we were already set up for success.

So how can you achieve this too?

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Your future self will thank you.

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