Further your mission, vision, and values by podcasting

As a service-oriented organization, the best way to continue serving your community is to have an ongoing commitment to growth and engagement.

This is why podcasting is such a useful tool for any company that is committed to service.

A podcast gives you a platform to dive deeper into your mission, vision, and values while growing and engaging your community.

Your company’s mission, vision, and values are at the core of all the decisions you make and the services you offer. But how do you make sure to connect your audience with them? Put your mission on your website? Share your values in a brochure? Why not invest in a podcast that gives you a specified window of time, however often you choose, to engage and grow your audience whenever and wherever they are? Your podcast gives you the freedom to bring on guests and introduce topics that align with your mission, vision, and values, and deliver it to your audience on their terms.

Whether you are already podcasting, or about to jump in, use this list of questions to simplify the fusion of your mission, vision, and values into your podcast:

• What is your podcast about?

• Why is it important that people hear the topics/messages discussed on the show?

• What problem are you seeking to solve?

• How will you integrate creating this podcast into your workflow?

• Will you have other people on your podcast? If so, who?

• What values are unique to your brand?

Contact podcast@workforce180.com so we can help you start your podcast today!

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