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a Personal Opportunity to use Digital Communication to tell your Audience Stories that will earn your Trust.

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Podcasts have revolutionized our ability to personalize our consumption. We get to choose what we listen to, when we listen to it, and how long we want to listen to it. We can seek out the exact topics that are most important to us, to queue up in our feed. Not only are podcasts personal for the listener, but for the producer as well. Podcasts give us a platform to have candid conversations about topics that matter to us. We don’t need permission, or a specific air date and time. We can, instead, create our own opportunities to connect.


Podcasts provide opportunities of several kinds. From the opportunity to talk to an expert in your field, to the opportunity to share your ideas, to the opportunity to ask the questions you have. Having a podcast gives you the opportunity to talk into the ears of people you may not otherwise be able to reach. You can grow your network beyond physical boundaries because it is an audio-only, digital platform.


The digital nature of podcasting is what has made it so popular. Digital connection is the quickest, most immediate, and most flexible option. Digital is everywhere. We carry tiny little computers around with us so we can be plugged in digitally at all times. This allows us to not only reach people we may not otherwise be able to, but to store our work in the digital universe so it can be accessed whenever and wherever our listeners want. Digital podcasts give us endless opportunities to communicate.


Communication is the key to success. Without communication, we cannot seek to expand our ideas or share what we know. Communication is how we collectively grow.  Podcasting makes communication both easy and effective. It is a platform simply for perpetuating communication with an audience of interested and curious people.


Perhaps the most exciting thing about podcasting is that the audience is there. Since access to podcasts is so easy, you have the ability to grow your audience far bigger than could have ever been imagined.  Think about it. Anyone with a smartphone can listen to a podcast. Anyone with an internet connection can listen to a podcast. That is A LOT of people! Also, interaction with that audience can be so much deeper. Your audience can listen to you speaking directly to them, whenever they so choose to tune in. They become part of the conversation you have through the stories that you share with them.


Stories are the number one most effective way to teach, which is why podcasting is so superiorly influential. Podcasts are platforms for sharing stories that influence, teach and inspire. Stories forge connections among people, and between people and ideas. Telling stories allows us to learn from the past to create the future we want to see. Stories bring us closer to our communities and illuminate our ideas in ways that are relatable. Stories build trust, therefore, podcasts build trust.


Trust is defined as a firm belief in the reliability, truth, ability, or strength of someone or something. Therefore, trust is at the core of any community or organization. Without trust, you are just noise to your audience. That is why podcasting is so effective. The personal nature of podcasting, the way it connects leaders and communities, the way it perpetuates information sharing, builds trust. It gives listeners reasons to rely on who they are listening to. It helps them believe that they are interacting with an organization that aligns with their values and can actually help them achieve their goals.


There is no other medium today, that makes sharing ideas with people that need to hear them as convenient and as thorough. This is why every business should have a podcast. 

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