Ruh Global Communications partners with Workforce180, LLC for podcasting

Ruh Global Communications partners with Workforce180, LLC for podcasting

Workforce180 is thrilled to announce the addition of Ruh Global Communications to our podcasting family.

Ruh Global Communications (RGC) was founded in 2013 by CEO Debra Ruh. She created Ruh Global Communications to help clients reduce their compliance and brand risks associated with inclusion, and create programs that act as a positive differentiator.

When told by ‘experts’ that her daughter, Sara, who was born with Down’s Syndrome, would be lucky to push shopping carts at the local grocery store, Debra refused to accept this. Debra’s unshakable faith in the power of human potential and her love for her daughter led her to create Ruh Global Communications and TecAccess.

When asked why she chose to podcast, Ruh remarked; “I created [the podcast] Human Potential at Work because it is a critical time to understand that we can all add value to the workforce. We know that a diverse workforce can produce positive returns, innovation, and creativity. In my experience, we are having too many conversations in silos and not speaking with one another. I wanted to create a show that would explore human potential from all aspects, and explore the big questions about issues like AI, and what makes us human. I want to help break down barriers so that everyone can contribute to the workplace!”

Mike Fazio, CEO, Workforce180, LLC adds; Partnering with Ruh Global to enhance workplace diversity and inclusion is an honor. Our training and marketing services focus deeply on creating and maintaining a diversely abled workforce.

Workforce180’s podcasting service is dedicated to providing a platform that innovates, educates, and celebrates diverse communities.


Human Potential at Work is available on Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, and Spotify. Connect with Debra on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram @DebraRuh. For more information visit

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