Looking for Podcasting Tips? The Podcasters’ Studio. has got you covered.

They recently reached their 100th podcast episode themselves! To celebrate, they’ve compiled all of the awesome tips found in each previous episode and put them together for episode number 100.  From best tools to use to best practices to uphold, these 100 tips are sure to help you improve your podcast success.

Here are a few of our favorites:

“Sponsor your own podcast – take 15-30 seconds to cross-promote something else you produce (YouTube, a social site where you post rich, relevant content (IG, with stories, etc), with something you can get there that you don’t get in the show. A product that is relevant to your audience, an event, another podcast of your own or someone else. The quick reasons for this, 1) because this is an obvious place to promote your similar content. 2) it builds in sponsorship to your content and you’ll never suffer from that effect of going from no ads to ads should you pick up a third party sponsor.”

“One more great tip from this episode, get people to subscribe to your show on iTunes. Even if they don’t listen on iTunes, they can sub and then unsub and go back to listening wherever the choose but subs in iTunes matter a lot. I’m not saying you should game the system by getting fake subs from people who don’t listen to your show but if you get your audience to sub to you in iTunes and even after that they unsub, it still counts for your ranking inside iTunes. Podcasters often wonder why another podcast that hasn’t put out an episode in years, still shows up higher in search results than their own show which is actively producing episodes and it’s because all-time subscribers count for a lot in iTunes. So if another show has more subscribers all-time, even if the majority of people are no longer subbed, they will be ahead of you in ranking. So when it’s appropriate, get people to use the Podcasts app or sub via iTunes on their computer.”

“In addition to having a podcast player, you should also have social share buttons in and around each post. The goal is to make it easy for those who want to share, to do so. Often I’ve clicked a twitter or facebook button to share someone’s content and what it ended up being was a button that takes me to their social profile on that platform. Put those elsewhere, in the sidebar and/0r bottom of a post and clearly labeled but don’t get in the way of someone who wants to share your episode because word of mouth is still the best promotion a podcast can receive.”

Check out all 100 tips or listen to the full episode at the link below!

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