There are several reasons why Podcasting has caught on so immensely and so quickly. From cost to mobility to content potential, and more.

In the words of Forbes contributor Jayson Demers;

“In case you weren’t aware, podcasts are seeing an enormous surge in popularity. At least 112 million Americans have listened to podcasts, a figure up 11 percent from last year, with 67 million listening to podcasts at least monthly. Content producers and advertisers both are clamoring for more visibility (or listenability) in the space…”

Podcasts are unique in the rise of “screen-addicted” social media. They only involve your ears, rather than necessitating the gluing of your eyes to the screen like photo and video content do. This mobility, ease of use, and accessibility is the driving force behind podcast popularity. Like any media outlet, as podcasting has attracted more listeners, it has continued to be innovated and refined. Production value, advertising, professionalism, editing, and promotion for podcasts has seen tremendous growth that is only improving.

“Podcasts saw an explosion a few years ago thanks to some early influencers in the space. A handful of standouts taught the world that podcasts could be a viable opportunity, and that opened the floodgates to content producers.”

Click the link below to read Demers’ full article on podcast popularity where he also shares the four biggest lessons podcast content producers should learn.

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