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The digital age is upon us, and with it, the availability of information at our finger tips. Since the beginning of time the most effective form of sharing information has been storytelling. From religious services, to books, theatre, lectures, movies, and now even Instagram, storytelling is the most effective way for us to learn, relate and connect.

This is where podcasting comes in. With its ease of use and widespread reach, podcasting has become one of the most popular ways of telling stories. Approximately 70 million people are listening to podcasts per month, and that number is only growing. As a digitally recorded audio that listeners can subscribe to and download in their car, on their computer or on any other mobile device, podcasts are engaging audiences, expanding reach, and growing brands like never before.

If you aren’t sold yet, here are a few more incentives to jump on the podcasting bandwagon;

  1. Investment in Podcasting is Increasing: Earlier this summer, we saw investments in podcast studio Gimlet Media ($15 million); podcast network Dgital Media ($9.7 million-plus) podcast distributor Art19 ($7.5 million) and HowStuffWorks, the spin off network from System! ($15 million). Not to mention all of the smaller guys who see podcasting as lucrative market they want to invest in.
  2. Freedom!: Podcasts don’t have to stick to the traditional broadcast schedule. There are no rules! They can be as long or as short as you want, recorded anytime and anywhere, and the subject matter is limitless!
  3. Easy Access: All you have to do is download an app. With an Apple or Android device listening is easy, meaning MOST of your target audience can EASILY access your podcast. Technology is continuing to emerge that will only support and encourage the use of podcasts. For instance, vehicles are increasingly made to support streaming devices. More and more the traditional “radio” and “broadcast” networks are being passed over for streaming.
  4. Intimacy: Because podcasts are so portable, they can go with you literally anywhere. In bed, on the toilet, in the tub, in the shower, you name it! Podcasting is quite literally changing the face of content marketing because it brings a real life HUMAN voice, into your most intimate daily activities. The power of connection through podcasts is that much bigger because the storyteller can catch influence in your most vulnerable moments (i.e. naked in the tub). Unlike a video, a podcast doesn’t need you to look at it. You can cook, clean, drive, paint your nails, do your hair, whatever want, and still be connected.

So what are you waiting for? Start connecting today!

Should I Make My Own Podcast?

The answer is YES. You should absolutely start your own podcast. Podcasts are affordable, easy to use, and have very little limitations. Approximately 70 million Americans are listening to podcasts per month. The audience is there, so go out and grab them!

If you’re not sold yet, click the link below for 7 Reasons To Create Your Own Podcast
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