You read that correctly. It can take as little as ONE HOUR PER MONTH to sustain a successful podcast.

When you utilize a production service like WorkforcePods, the nitty-gritty editing and distributing is done FOR you. All YOU have to do is line up your guests!

Here is a step by step guide to minimizing your podcasting efforts while maximizing your results.

  1. Strategize. Come up with a list of potential guests that would be great to interview on your podcast.

-Our team of experts is always available to discuss topics/guests and help you strategize!

     2.  Reach out to those guests and get them onboard.

**Check out our post; “How to Ask a Guest to be On Your Podcast” and click the internal link to download our FREE Guest Invitation Template.

    3.  Schedule recording times with each guest. Our advice is to do as many as you can upfront.

-We recommend using a free scheduling tool like or You can create a calendar with your availability to send to your guests to find a common time to record.

  4.  Record your episodes

-All it takes is one hour of time conducting the interview, chatting, and having fun with your guest!

**Feeling a little shy? Our team at WorkforcePods can be your HOST! You send us the talking points and WE conduct and record the interview with your guest.

   5.  Distribute/promote the episode on all of your social media streams as well as through word of mouth to any customer who is a potential listener.

-We recommend using a free social sharing site like Hootsuite or Buffer. Our team will help you set up a dashboard so you can post to all of your social media platforms in one place! How easy is that??

  6.  Repeat one month later.

Once all of the initial steps have been set up, maintaining the release of new episodes is simple and quick! All you have to do is record your conversation and share it with your listeners!

The key is to put a specific schedule in place for recording episodes, rather than trying to plan as the need to release a new episode comes up. For instance, maybe you plan to record your new episode on the first Monday of every month.

Once you settle into a schedule for recording episodes, it is extremely important to also make a plan of attack for promoting your episodes. Our advice is to designate a team member to be in charge of the distribution of your podcast on all of your social media platforms. 

However, it is also very important to change the culture of your business and its team members, to prioritize the promotion of your podcast. Anytime you come across a potential listener, direct them to your app, or show them all of the other places where they can listen to your podcast!

Podcasting doesn’t have to involve tremendous time and effort. As long as you prioritize finding and scheduling top-notch talent to interview on your episodes, it can be maintained in just ONE HOUR PER MONTH!

Here at WorkforcePods we make the process simple and relaxing for you. Let us help you produce an amazing podcast that is sure to launch your brand awareness, increase your reach, and engage your followers like never before.